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What are we about

JM Web Services is an interactive web development firm with 15+ years of experience in the industry. We are a team of dreamers and catalysts who long for significance in what we do, the freedom to create an experience that we would want to receive, and the opportunity to share a vision for something greater than the typical business model.

We collaborate with a handful of amazing clients to develop incredible websites and other interactive solutions. We forge partnerships founded on collaboration and focused on producing high impact results.

Our ultimate goal is to be your solution for everything online.

What is our philosophy

At JM Web, we are looking to build relationships and make connections, not gain clients. Our belief is that great solutions come from good listening, a skill we've developed. We're that partner that can hear what you're saying, understand your needs and arrive at a creative, highly customized solution.

We have always and will always code by hand. There is no cookie cutter template or redundant code with us, just pure, high quality code that looks great on all devices and in all browsers. We aren't fans of content management systems (CMS), as we believe having full control over the structure of your website is more valuable.

Our sites are developed for the future. We push ourselves to the leading edge of technology with each project and will advise and guide clients towards the same view.

What are our services

JM Web specializes in design and code that push the boundaries of the web without leaving anyone behind. What do we mean? With mobile browsing rapidly outpacing desktop browsing, we focus on making the web accessible to everyone and we utilize responsive design to make that happen. To us, responsive design is more than just screen size—it's all aspects of user experience including touch, swipes, mouse, and keyboard events. We ensure all interactions work smoothly on all devices. Our services include:

Mobile Responsive Web Design & Development

We design and develop websites that look striking and natural whether on desktops or smartphones. We focus on usability, accessibility and quality of code. We build websites that last and withstand the changes your credit union or the web may go through. We never let websites become outdated ensuring they remain current to web standards.

Have a trusted marketing agency that knows your credit union brand? No problem. We've developed relationships with several agencies and can work hand in hand—they create the design and we develop and deliver it to the web.

Website Maintenance

Focus on your credit union—not your website! We work on your team to ensure your website remains current and functional at all times. Our 15+ years of experience becomes yours.

We know you want speedy and accurate updates. We know you want to communicate directly with a web expert to implement your changes and manage your website. Well, that's just what you'll get. The web is our playground and you have our full support.

We take over the responsibility and burden of maintaining your website to allow you to do what you do best.

Mobile Responsive Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be a big part of your credit union's success, but that doesn't mean you have to do it yourself! Just as our responsive websites adapt to the size and type of device you are using, our responsive emails ensure your message is easily accessed anywhere from any device.

We take the time to work with you, understand your goals and deliver a stunning branded design. We develop and test each email campaign and will even send it out on your behalf.

Social Media Management & Engagement

Marketing is no longer a one-way street. You get what you give.

In this environment, we believe the greatest social pages don't just talk, they listen. They don't just share, they deliver value.

We create and manage your social brand across multiple platforms. We engage with your members through daily interactions and ensure it's personal and value driven with a small dose of soft selling to coincide with your current promotions.

Why we serve credit unions

We know credit unions. We know the web.

We were born into the credit union world, literally, and have counted on them through all stages of our lives. Our credit unions helped us with our first credit card, car, and even home! We've grown up embracing their philosophy of "People Helping People" and it was only natural for us to focus our passion for the web to the industry that's been there for us every step of the way.

It's now our time to give back!

Who is our team

We may be small, but we're mighty! Count on us to continue our relationship with you long after your site goes live!

Jerry Martinez
Jerry Martinez — Owner & Lead Developer

Jerry is JM Web's coding and hand crafted web development guru. He has over fifteen years of experience behind the keyboard and is a master at creating highly functional, accessible and intuitive websites and emails for all devices—from mobile to desktop. Jerry is greatly knowledgeable in industry best practices and in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Apache and MySQL. He began his first project in 2000 and knows firsthand how much the web can change over time.

Ali Martinez
Ali Martinez — EVP, Business Development

While Jerry's had over 15 years of programming and coding experience, Ali has over 20 years of experience managing Jerry! The "social butterfly" of the team is responsible for the business development and networking side of JM Web and supports credit union leagues, chapters, and councils throughout the Southeast. She's also the authority in all things social media and actively develops and implements our clients' social media strategies.

Diesel — Security Guard

Diesel is an eight-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier who heads the security team at JM Web when he's not partaking in one of his many daytime naps. Diesel graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Martinez School of Training and is fluent in over 90 percent of commands. He thoroughly enjoys belly rubs and will work for food.

Tiffany — Greeter

Tiffany is a nine-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who greets select visitors when she's not occupied looking for squirrels and lizards. Tiffany is still attending the Martinez School of Training and hopes to graduate at the conclusion of her 18th semester. She's quite the athlete and loves long walks, swimming and playing fetch.

Reach out and contact us

We're an honest team at JM Web and are thorough and detail oriented to a fault. We seek quality over quantity and look for clients who share those beliefs, appreciating that we will not deliver a project that fails to meet our standards.

Our clients come to us to solve the challenges they face and are trusting of our knowledge, abilities, and talents. If our philosophy resonates with your vision, then give us a call at 786.412.1660 or send us a message by completing the form below. We'd love to hear from you!

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