JM Web Services is a boutique web development firm rooted in Miami, FL

What are we about

JM Web Services is a boutique interactive web development firm rooted in Miami with 13+ years of experience in the industry. We are a team of dreamers and catalysts who long for significance in what we do, the freedom to create an experience that we would want to receive, and the opportunity to share a vision for something greater than the typical business model.

We collaborate with a handful of amazing clients to develop incredible websites and other interactive solutions. We forge partnerships founded on collaboration and focused on producing high impact results.

Our ultimate goal is to be your solution for everything online.

What is our philosophy

At JM Web, we are looking to build relationships and make connections, not gain clients. Our belief is that great solutions come from good listening, a skill we've developed. We're that partner that can hear what you're saying, understand your needs and arrive at a creative, highly customized solution.

We have always and will always code by hand. There is no cookie cutter template or redundant code with us, just pure, high quality code that looks great on all devices and in all browsers. We aren't fans of content management systems, as we believe having full control over the structure of your website is more valuable.

Our sites are developed for the future. We push ourselves to the leading edge of technology with each project and will advise and guide clients towards the same view.

Who is our perfect client

We're an honest team at JM Web and are thorough and detail oriented to a fault. We seek quality over quantity. We look for clients who share those beliefs and appreciate that we will not deliver a project that's not perfect or one that fails to meet our standards.

Our clients come to us to solve the challenges they face and are trusting of our knowledge, abilities, and talents. We want to continue our relationship with you long after your site goes live.

Reach out and contact us

Are you our perfect client? Does our philosophy resonate with your vision? Give us a call at 786.412.1660. We'd love to chat with you!